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Children at GLC


Children from poverty stricken families, often without a hope for survival, were taken in to receive the love and with this they got a chance for their survival and education.After a very modest beginning in one room, two residential buildings could be bought in the course of 16 years time. The children receive an all-round promotion, which aims at their educational growth as well as at the development of their hidden talents to strengthen their extremely low self-confidence.Good Life Centre believes that it is only good education that can make a child self-reliant and we seek to give these little ones a future they deserve where dreams fulfill their destiny.


An education not only provides the stability, name and fame in the society, but it is also a wealth for those who do not have money but have a clever brain and ambitions in mind. “ GLC dedication to education” came into existence in the year 1999, having the motto and with the aspiration to educate the homeless and destitute needy children.

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The children are educated through local schools. Our care takers escort the children to school every day. The children are helped in their education by supervising their home study and giving them tuition in the evenings to improve in difficult subjects. In addition special classes and motivating courses are organized before public exams and bridge courses during the holidays for those who are going into SSLC classes and Higher Secondary Classes.

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After completing their schooling, those who secure more than 60% marks are sent to +2 class and later for higher education in external institutions, like colleges, universities and professional institutions. The others are sent for vocational training and short term professional course. After completing their graduation or training, the students are given advice and guidance for further employment. GLC helps them go into the world and settle down.

1. Every child is provided with quality education in either private or government aided schools in Chennai.
2. Private after-school tutors teach English, Math and basic computer skills
3. GLC has its own library and encourages children to develop self-study skills
4. GLC home Social Worker is responsible for:
> Coordination with the school teachers
> Monitoring each child’s school performance to help them improve
> Maintaining academic records of children and keep track of their progress
> Helping children complete their homework and daily tasks.
5. GLC - Children study in the best schools, like Sri Anand Jain Vidyalaya Hr.Sec.School, Seva Sadan Hr.Sec.School, Sir & Lady Venkata Subba Rao Mat.School, and Baby High School.

6. Children have a comfortable living facility with study room and all essential facilities
7. Children are regularly evaluated through periodic assessments to ensure the quality of education


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The children are provided with all their daily needs such as food, clothing, uniforms, free education, and recreational opportunities.Children’s health status is periodically checked by medical personnel employed in GLC, as well by voluntary help from out side medical practitioners. Children are given a well balanced diet under the supervision of a visiting dietician.The spiritual growth and development of the children is taken care of through having regular morning and evening devotions in the Homes led by the care takers.

The children attend local schools in their respective areas. Extracurricular activities and hobbies like Music, Yoga, Karate, drama,painting and gardening are encouraged through week end classes.
We give them opportunity to develop their talents. Our children are very interested in sports and games. They have excelled at the district level competitions.

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