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Good Life Centre's reach extends across its 3 centres in Chennai viz Tambaram (urban setting) and Mannkivakkam (village setting). We now have one more home for Aged Mothers at Tiruvannamalai ( Remote village setting).

In the Home, the children are provided with all their daily needs such as food, clothing, school uniforms, education and gifts during festivals, and recreational facilities. Children are given a well-balanced diet. A Social Worker supervises all the Home kitchens, storekeepers and the cooks and gives the necessary advice on the diet. Usually children dine as a family group.

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Their health status is periodically checked through part time medical and health personnel as well as through voluntary help from Private medical practitioners. The children are taught to wash and keep their own clothes neat and help keep the Home and surroundings clean and beautiful. Opportunities are given to the children to develop their talents. They are encouraged to participate in dramas, singing, drawing, painting, gardening etc.

We also intend to celebrate the achievement of the children who are top in their studies and extracurricular activities, like yoga, karate & games, which we know at the end of every quarterly evaluation.

GLC aims to provide safety and equal opportunities for the people with disabilities who are abandoned by their families due to lack of resources, internal family problems, economic problems or social problems. Special education and appropriate training is imparted to children and adults by the qualified special educators and trainers based on their conditions and capabilities.

The atmosphere of this Home is peaceful, caring and accepting: each resident is not only encouraged to express herself as she wants but also to support others.

Good Life Centre is a family that cares for the children, destitute and aged mothers with dedicated team effort. To bring happiness in their lives, the people and volunteers who are associated with us do not work as profession but they just serve the needy and helpless with enthusiasm and passsion. It would not be possible to run this institution without the dedicated, selfless and committed staff (some of whom were looked after, and trained by the GLC), who are working in it.


Good Life Centre has a team of people who work in different fields to fulfill the vision of the organisation.

Governing Body: Good Life Centre is a registered Society and it has a statutory governing body with 9 members. They are from various walks of life united by social responsibility and commitment to serve the helpless and homeless in the society.

Dedicated Volunteers: They are the backbone of the organization, who provide 24 hrs selfless services to make this place a home. Every smile that you see here is because of their dedication and passion.

Professional Staff: They are Social Workers, Special Teachers, and Pysiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Nurses, Paramedics and Administrative associates whom Good Life Centre engages for professional management of the organization.

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Every month, One of our Team member will be honored “Achiever of the Month“ due to their best performance and achievements. We also pleased to inform that we honor “BEST BOY or GIRL OF THE MONTH”. In April we initiated employee of the month – whereby, every month we would select an employee and honour her / him. There would be a pin up on the notice board about the employee and their achievements.

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